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Belatra Slots & Casinos

Belatra roared onto the gambling scene in the early 1990s; since then, the company has impressed many with its high-quality products. With over two decades of experience, Belatra prides itself on its high tech dynamic development.

Belatra is known for the high-quality products that the company produces. Belatra’s secret to success is that it only uses components from the most trusted companies in the world. It’s this combination of quality and Belatra’s dedication to excellence why it is an award-winning company.

From humble beginnings in Minsk, this company has grown exponentially, and it now has offices in multiple countries on multiple continents. Belatra has been able to accomplish this because it ensures that its games comply with international standards and gaming regulations.

Thanks to Belatra going international, the company has acquired a global appeal, with fans across the world. Belatra likes to keep the edge on its competition by remaining up to date on all latest technological developments. That is the reason why Belastra has been able to stand on equal footing with far larger companies, like Bally games.

In more recent times Belatra has been focussing on making online gambling games. These have been wildly successful too as Belatra has made well over 100 of them to date.

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History of the company

Belatra was founded in 1993 in Belarus. The company gained some notoriety in 1999 when two of Belatra’s games Lucky Drink and Fairyland gained popularity across Russia.

After that, the company continued to create one game after the other, and by 2005 Belatra had made enough games to compete with big American corporations. In 2006, a law was passed in Russia and forced Belatra to start making its own game cases and cabinets.

Despite this setback, Belatra still managed to win the Best Breakthrough of the Year award at the Buenos Aires expedition that same year. Between 2006 and 2010, Belatra introduced 500 new slot machines into the South American market.

It was also in 2010 that Belatra created a 10-game 9-line slot machine called Multi Millionaire. This game was widely distributed across the territory of Belarus. However, Belatra’s crowning glory has to be Neostar, which was unveiled in 2011.

The Neostar is a modern 23-inch dual-screen gaming terminal. It’s equipped with Belatra’s j-Pot jackpot system. This system allows the machine to unite with an unlimited number of other machines. This feature makes the Neostar very economical.

Belatra Casinos

Belatra doesn’t own any casinos. However, it does export its games all over the world. While Belatra’s main hub of activity is centred around Russia, it still exports to three different continents: Europe, South America, and North America.

Belatra has offices in Belarus, Russia, The Czech Republic, Latin America, and the USA. You’ll be more than likely to find Belatra games in these regions.

However, those that wish to enjoy Belatra’s games online will be happy to know that they can find these games in online casinos. In fact, there are over 60 online casinos that host Belatra games.

Some of these casinos include BetChain Casino, Oshi Casino, and TTR Casino.

Game Variety

Belatra creates a variety of different games; these include bingo, slots, video poker, and roulette. If you’re interested in knowing exactly what games Belatra has on offer, the company has a full list on its website that can be viewed by the public.

One bingo game made by Belatra that we want to highlight here is called JUST A BINGO. This exciting video poker game is a fan favourite all across the world, and it has even been translated into 11 languages. With state-of-the-art graphics, this game is sure to entertain for hours.

The next game type that we will be looking at is video poker. Belatra has quite a few video poker options on offer. The one that we will be looking at here is called Draw Poker, and this 52-card poker game is a blast. This game also offers plenty of opportunities to win as it has about nine winning combinations.

Belatra also makes some roulette games, and the one that we’ll be looking at here is Roulette 4in1. In this game, four roulette wheels spin at once on-screen making for a fun and fast-paced gameplay.

Most of Belatra’s games are slot games, and these are wildly popular.

Best slots by Belatra

Belatra has made some really great slot games, and here we will be looking at some of the company’s best work. The first game for us to examine is Super Sevens. This is a classic fruit, bells, and sevens game that can be played in HD quality thanks to Belatra’s state-of-the-art technology.

The last slot game on the list is Love Magic Luxe. This 5x3 reel game has upgraded graphics, and, with the lady and joker, this feature could possibly double a person’s winnings.


Are these games fair?

Yes, these games are fair as Belatra uses 3rd party testers such as Gaming Laboratories International to ensure that its games are fair to players.

Are these games safe?

Yes, Belatra makes sure that its games are safe and secure by making use of the latest HTML5 technology around.

How many games has Belatra produced so far?

Belatra has made well over a hundred games thus far, and the company is continually making more. Currently, there are 127 games listed on Belatra’s website, and there are surely more to follow.