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Jordan Carry

Jordan Carry


  • Age: 27
  • Address: 73 Caradon Hill, Tyldesley, Manchester, USA


I’m a real tech guru and enjoy following new technological innovations trends. I’ve worked in various industries before moving to the world of online casinos due to a change in circumstances. I soon realised that this is a perfect fit for me. My advanced expertise in SEO, analytics, and strategy creation has proven useful in creating a more reliable brand for the casino.

My skills include being highly organised and able to multitask under pressure. With over seven years of internet marketing experience, I thrive in creating campaigns developed to bring new customers to the casino. It gives me great satisfaction to see good results from the various marketing strategies our team implements.

The casino industry is energised and dynamic, and it keeps me at the forefront of the gaming industry. I thoroughly enjoy the busyness of the casinos; no two days are the same. This ever-changing environment keeps me motivated.

I think of myself as an inspirational leader, striving continually to improve and lead our teams to be the best in the industry. By improving my skills and knowledge, I aim to deliver the best possible products and services to our clients.

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