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How to play in a casino for real money using UPayCard

  1. Register for a UPayCard account

    Sign onto the website or app to register. Decide on whether you want a physical card for offline purchases.

  2. Choose a casino and make a deposit

    Choose your preferred casino and make a deposit using your UPayCard.

  3. Play and win

    Have fun playing your favourite games (and hopefully winning big).

  4. Withdraw your winnings

    Select your balance on a casino site and use your UPayCard information to withdraw.

General information about UPayCard

Details about UPayCard payment system

Image of UPayCard.

The UPayCard payment system is a service that operates as both a prepaid debit card and an e-wallet. It functions as a bank account, linking your financial account to your online presence. Although both accounts share a name, they are separate and used for different things. The physical card is used for offline purchases, and the e-wallet is better suited to online payments.

The UPayCard e-wallet is ideal for online casino use because it can be used from anywhere. Available through a desktop or mobile app, you can deposit and withdraw from your favourite online casinos with ease by using UPayCard. 

Fees and commissions

As with any other type of prepaid card or e-wallet, UPayCard charges fees for the use of its services. The first virtual and physical cards are free, but any replacement cards are £3.99. There’s a monthly fee of £2 to maintain the account and £0.20 per purchase transaction.

Of course, when you’re using your UPayCard at a casino, you must make sure that you’re aware of all the applicable charges. Be sure to take all the fees into account when placing your deposit. If there aren’t enough funds in the account for both deposit and charges, the transaction will not be authorized.  

Deposit and withdrawal times

You can deposit money to your UPayCard account through wire transfer. Just log into your account, click “load money”, and follow the prompts. There’s no charge to deposit or reload onto the account through your bank account. 

There could be a waiting period of up to 3 days before funds are available in your UPayCard. The waiting process is due to the time that it takes to communicate with your other financial institution and to load funds to your account.

There are two options for withdrawal from your UPayCard account. The first option is an offline ATM, which comes with a fee of 1.4% per the total of the withdrawal. The second option is online through a bank transfer, for a fee of £10-25. The ATM withdrawal is immediate, but the wire transfer could take up to seven days before it’s complete. 

It’s simple to both deposit to and to withdraw from your UPayCard through an online casino. Sign onto your casino account, select either ‘deposit’ or ‘withdrawal’ and enter the information from your UPayCard account. Make sure that you’ve followed the verification instructions from UPayCard so that you can minimize the waiting time.

Support work quality

The support team at UPayCard is fantastic. If you require assistance, click on the button marked ‘Contact Us’ at the top of the screen. You will then be directed to the customer service page, which details the contact methods you can use to get in contact with them. Listed on the page are email addresses for the various departments that you might want to contact to resolve your issue.

Info about UPayCard support.

The customer support team makes it a point to address emails within 24 hours. If you’d prefer a faster mode of resolution, then you might be better off using the live chat feature.

Mobile version and application

UPayCard is available through Google Play and the Apple Store. The apps are free to download and provide seamless access to your account. You can do anything from the mobile app that you could do from the desktop.

This accessibility is perfect for players that prefer to play online casino games on their mobile device. Not having to use a different desktop device allows for a streamlined process.


  • Advantages

  • The most significant advantage of UPayCard is that the site is very secure. It features SSL encryption technologies and complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
  • Another advantage of using the UpayCard is that there are minimal fees involved. With only $0.20 per transaction on the UPayCard side, it’s easy to do the math and to calculate how much you can spend from the account.
  • With a $3,000 spending limit per day, there’s enough wiggle room to fit your casino budget any day of the week. A $40,000 monthly spending limit per month ensures that you can use UPayCard for all of your transactions at online casinos.
  • The accessibility of a UPayCard application means that you can manage your money anywhere. Whether you’re using an app from an online casino, it’s easy to use UPayCard as your method of both deposit and withdrawal.
  • Limitations

  • The disadvantage of using the UPayCard at an online casino is that UPayCard is still working its way up to the big leagues. As such, it isn’t as widely accepted as other major financial institutions. As of the time of writing, there are around a hundred online casinos in the NJ that accept the UPayCard.


Using a UPayCard to fund your online casino account is easy. Creating your account is straightforward and involves entering your information and providing the documents that verify your identity according to the prompts on your screen.

UPayCard is a safe, trustworthy site that follows the proper standards of practice. It has many safety measures in place to keep your money and information safe. If you have any questions, customer support is available and ready to take care of you.

If you’re looking to use an e-wallet to fund your online casino account, look no further. Check out these FAQs about using the UPayCard for an online casino, and then head over to its site and register for your account!

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Can I use UPayCard to deposit at an online casino?

Yes! As long as you choose an online casino that accepts UPayCard, you can use it to fund your online casino account.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

UPayCard is a regulated and legal company, and it has a responsibility to ensure that its users are complying with the law and that no fraud occurs.

How long does it take to deposit or withdraw from a casino?

There’s a general waiting period, which varies from three to seven days, for deposits and withdrawals, respectively.