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5 Things We Don’t Like About Casinos

We could probably make a list of 20 things we usually don’t like about casinos and still not get to all of them. The five reasons we’ve chosen to list are probably the most popular. Even players who enjoy going to actual casinos to gamble will have to agree that our list makes a valid point.

We chose crowds and noise, the presence of drunks, the house’s edge, the fact that you often have no sense of time, and travel as the five things we don’t like about land-based casinos.

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The Crowds and Noise

The Crowds and Noise in Casinos

The biggest issue with brick-and-mortar casinos is the large crowds and constant noise. Understandably, casinos are crowded, but if you’re someone who gets anxious in large groups, then it’s just uncomfortable.

Bumping into someone or squeezing your way past a large group gathered by the craps table, can be overwhelming. You can go to the casino in the morning or during the day, to avoid the busy evenings and weekends.

The noise on the floor of the casino is constant. There are sounds of slot machines chiming, ringing, and spitting out coins. Crowds gathered around the tables, cheering and groaning about each respective win and loss. There’s also generic music playing over the intercom.

Some people enjoy this side of the land-based casino, and it’s this atmosphere that is most common. But, if you’re looking for a relaxing game of poker while sipping on a drink, then it would be best to figure out when the casino isn’t as crowded.

The Drunks

This reason could have been listed first or listed as all five reasons. Drunks are as common as the crowds and the noise at a casino. The free drinks given to players on the casino floor are watered down, but they can still make you drunk.

It should come as no surprise that the casinos benefit from the drunks. People make poor decisions while intoxicated, and this typically results in more betting and more money for the casino. We don’t have a problem with people drinking, but drunks become annoying.

Drunks are loud, spill their drinks, and tell too much about their personal lives. They are also disruptive. The liquid courage also makes them feel invincible. Physical fights can be dangerous for bystanders, while arguments and yelling are distracting to other players.

Like the big crowds, having to deal with the drunks will have to be tolerated when you go to a casino. One way to avoid drunks is to go during the day when the crowd is small, and the drunks are too hungover to get back to the gambling floor.

The Edge

The word gambling means to take a risk, but knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to lose money. Again, we all know the adage: the house always wins. Casinos wouldn’t be around if they didn’t make money; it’s a business, after all.

Some games give you a chance to break even or win some money over a while: poker, blackjack, and sports betting. But, we shouldn’t be surprised that the casino has the edge when it comes to winning.

For some people, just knowing that they are at a disadvantage before they even sit down is enough to turn them away from casinos. But, if a player understands the risk and is okay with losing, they can enjoy the casino’s entertainment factor.

One more thing to mention is to make sure that the casino is licensed. With the house already having the edge, you don’t want to play in an unlicensed casino. The fear that the house is cheating you could be real if the casino isn’t licensed.

No Sense of Time

No Sense of Time in CasinosThere are no clocks or windows on the floor of almost every casino. This is done deliberately for the same reason the music is generic. The casino wants players to lose track of time; this way, they play longer and lose more money.

The lighting is usually not overly bright, and it’s more subdued. It’s no wonder that players can sit at a table for hours and forget what time it is. When you go into the casino, the sun is shining, and when you come out, it’s dark.

You’re not able to see the sun, and this can make players feel depressed. Coupling this with losing and a fun night of entertainment and gambling can quickly become sad. Keeping track of time on your phone isn’t much of an option either. You don’t want to be distracted when betting or playing against other players. Setting the alarm on your phone is an option, but how many of us snooze the alarm multiple times in the morning? The same might happen at the casino.

The Travel

Online casinos have spoiled us. We can pick up our mobile device and open an app during the work commute or sitting on the sofa at home. This convenience of gambling, whenever we want, makes the preparation of travelling to a land-based casino even more inconvenient.

When we gamble, we expect to lose money, but there’s also the excitement that we could win big. With travelling, you’re going to spend money that you won’t be getting back. Fuel for the car ride to the casino, or if you don’t live close to a casino, paying for a plane ticket can be expensive. Travel expenses are money that you’re spending before you even get to the casino.

Even if you budget a yearly trip to a casino, there is also the hassle of travelling. Packing your bags and loading the car, making sure everything is taken care of at your house. Dealing with traffic, waiting in line at the airport to get boarded, and waiting in line to get out of the airport, are all headaches we have to endure with travel.

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In Conclusion

We could have added plenty of negatives, but these five seem to make everyone’s list. This list probably makes the most sense for someone with social anxiety about why they don’t like casinos. With advancements in technology and online casino software, staying at home and playing online is the best form of gambling.

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