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5 Subtle Ways Casinos Try to Get Money Out of You

Casinos are the perfect place for anyone looking for a night of thrills. It's no wonder that millions of people visit them each year. The house will convince you that your big win is just within reach and have you play for hours. Gambling establishments are very good at gaining more money than you intend to spend.

Using clever tricks and making sure guests stay entertained, casinos can send out specific messages that will keep you spending money. Let's take a look at five of these techniques.

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No Clocks or Windows

No Clocks or WindowsHave you ever taken a look around the casino and noticed how there are no windows or clocks around? This is so gamblers lose track of time and spend more hours playing games.

Some theories state that casinos don't want you to know when it starts getting dark so that you don't notice you've been there for too long. Some places simulate a particular time of day all the time so that you don't register the change in light.

Naturally, casino employees deny these theories and offer alternate reasons. For example, they say customers have their own time devices, and any light coming through a window will only cause a glare on the screens.

Lights and Sound

The artificial light and constant sound of machines and music make it easy to feel like you're at an ongoing party. But keeping all your senses engaged, casinos can maintain gamblers’ attention and high levels of entertainment.

While at a gambling house, everything around you is so inviting, and many slots are designed to attract your attention with minimal effort. Some studies have shown lights and music contribute to taking more significant risks. The sounds and flashes of a slot machine may also give you the feeling that you're almost at your winning spin.

Additionally, you might notice casinos don't play well-known songs. There's no hip hop, rock, or pop music playing in the background. The tunes usually have a constant flow and almost feel like one continuous song. It's used to create a good atmosphere and mood within the casino.

Casino Design

It's hard to believe, but even the floor plays a part in getting more money from customers. The carpets are usually quite ugly, but there’s a reason behind this. The bright colours and weird designs help encourage people to gamble.

The carpet design helps create a sense of energy and keeps the customer's attention on the games. It's just another way to overwhelm a gambler's senses and make it more difficult for your eyes to rest or focus anywhere else in a casino.

The placing of gambling machines is no accident. The layout is meant to resemble a labyrinth which keeps customers walking around on the floor. Some say it also makes it challenging to find an exit. The design is also meant to attract people to the variety of games available.

Some experts theorize that the layout also gives a sense of intimacy. The feeling of a smaller area gives players a feeling of being in a relaxed environment.

Not Using Cash

Not Using CashChips are used for numerous reasons, the biggest ones being security and convenience. While this may be true, there's a more subtle reason behind them. Using gambling tokens causes you to forget how much money you're spending. You might be fully aware that the chips represent money, but they don't have the same impact as actual currency.

If you used actual money to gamble, you'd be very aware of the amount being won or lost. This would likely lead to safer bets and shorter playtimes. By using chips, there's a separation between you and the cash that you risk on each game.

Another technique doesn't only keep gamblers playing but also has them returning to casinos. Points or loyalty cards allow bettors to collect points and redeem them for food, drinks, and many other prizes. It almost feels like free money even if you spent much more to get points.

Accumulating credits gives a sense of winning while you spend more money. It's also a great way to keep customers from going to a competitor casino, especially if loyalty rewards are involved. Special discounts and rewards for long time customers will ensure they come back for more.

Loyalty programmes come in several forms, and the rewards are rarely cash. You also can't spend your prizes anywhere else, so it all comes back to the casino. It's a subtle way to get you to gamble more while thinking the house is being generous. In most cases, there's little to no cost for them.

Nearby ATM Machines

Running out of money would be a great time to decide that you've done enough gambling for the day. However, making this decision is difficult when you have easy access to more cash. That's where on-site ATMs come into play.

You'll find several machines nearby in a casino, many of which allow cash advance from credit cards. There are even establishments that enable gamblers to withdraw without walking away from their machine. As convenient as they are, they often carry quite a hefty fee, which is another way you end up spending a lot of money.

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These are just some of the many subtle ways casinos get more money from customers. As you can see, many of them are things that no one thinks about while having fun. The layout, atmosphere, point programmes, and easy access to money all contribute to players gambling for longer hours. Everything comes together to make it easier for you to depart with your hard-earned cash.

As a gambler, it's vital to know these tricks and try your best to avoid falling for them. Even though employees of the establishments insist on none of it being true, there are still ways to make sure you don't fall for the techniques. Next time you visit a casino, make sure you take the proper precautions that'll keep you focused on enjoying games within your limits.

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