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How to Play in a Real-Money Casino Using Ethereum

  1. Registering an Ethereum Account

    Registering an Ethereum wallet or account is quite straightforward. Access the Coinomi app on your Apple Play (iOS app) or Google Play (Android) stores, then simply download the app. After the download, you’ll be required to write down your recovery sentence. This recovery sentence is very important, so make sure you write it down in a safe place.

    Next, select and set a strong password, and that’s it. Your Ethereum wallet is ready to go.  Your email or receiving address will be used for the crediting of Ether (the crypto unit).

  2. Choose Your Casino and Make a Deposit

    It’s neither scary nor difficult to use your Ether wallet for online casino deposits. Firstly, make sure you select a casino that accepts Ethereum as a payment method. Sign up and register your online casino account. Select Ethereum from the deposit options and make a deposit.

  3. Play and Win

    You can start playing when the deposit amount appears in your casino account. Some online casinos might only accept Ethereum deposits for some games like slot machines. So, be sure to choose a game where your Ethereum deposit is valid.

  4. Withdraw Your Winnings

    Withdrawing winnings are as easy as making a deposit. Go to the online casino cashier, select Ethereum from the withdrawal menu, and withdraw your winnings.

General information about Ethereum

Ethereum hit the scene in 2015. It’s a unit of cryptocurrency, or if you want to be technically correct, decentralized online currencies. A cryptocurrency eliminates the need for a middle man like a bank.

This gives the end-user (that is you) a lot more control when it comes to online business dealings. This includes anything from online purchases to playing stock markets. Ethereum or Ether (the name of the cryptocurrency when using Ethereum) can also be used for online gambling.

Ethereum is a decentralized platform, or blockchain, that can run on computers across the globe. It’s defining feature is a component called Smart Contracts. This functionality enables programmers to add an impressive number of applications varying from markets to registries to titles. This programming function allows Ethereum to explore an array of options that were limited under other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Ether is aimed at superior user security on the internet. Your money and what you do with it - buying, investing, or using it on entertainment like online gambling - is embedded in your Ether Wallet. You own your data. In this way, the risks of spyware are eliminated. Ethereum is an open and unbiased financial platform that isn’t owned or controlled.

As mentioned, Ethereum cryptocurrency is called Ether, which in turns carries the ETH abbreviation. Cryptocurrency is virtual (or internet) money. Since this money is digital, it can be used all over the world. Transactions are instant without the use of any personal data. It’s most noted feature is that, like Bitcoin, it isn’t owned or controlled by any government or business.

ETH can be used for all digital transactions where Ethereum is accepted. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has a programming function. Thus, it supports decentralized applications, also known as dapps. These are basically apps that are created to support specifics required by a user. You can buy, borrow, invest or lend with your ETH wallet.

Details about the Ethereum Payment System

An Ethereum wallet is the proverbial ‘safe’, or control centre, for your personal data and funds. There are a number of wallets to choose from. You can opt for a desktop, hardware, paper, or web wallet.

The most important aspects linked to these wallets are your security retrievals and password. Without these, your Ether is lost forever. Remember, there’s no customer care centre to help with retrievals. Thus, it places a huge responsibility on the user. The added security of not having personal information stored somewhere also poses a huge risk.

Buying Ether is an exchange process. The easiest way to obtain this cryptocurrency is to buy it with bitcoin or American dollars.

Fees and Commissions

You’ll pay a fee of approximately $0.40 for an Ethereum transaction. Online casinos may have their own transaction fees. Read the terms and conditions of the online casino to find out what these might be.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

It takes between five and fifteen minutes to process transactions through Ethereum. Processing times also depend on the extent of network traffic and the conditions of the online casino.

Support Work Quality

Ethereum is an effective and convenient payment method at online casinos. It’s easier if you already have an Ether wallet and Ether. If not, you can always obtain a wallet and find this payment option with an online casino.

Mobile Versions and Applications

Ethereum is compatible with all mobile devices. Apps supporting Ether mobile wallets are Coinomi, Jaxx, Lumi, and Atomic.


Ethereum’s unique programmability platform allows users to secure as many apps as they need. This cryptocurrency protects personal and financial data. Users can buy, borrow, lend, and trade with Ethereum all over the world.

One of the drawbacks is that users have to take great care to safeguard security retrieval words and passwords. As there’s no archived database with this information, the loss of the retrieval options and passwords entails the loss of all one’s Ether (crypto money).


Ethereum changes and adjusts according to a user’s needs. It’s defining programming abilities sets it apart from the crowd. Ethereum also has a big user base and online community. This makes it established and prominent, especially in something as intangible as the internet. The greatest disadvantage is the risk of losing one’s password and retrieval information. So make sure you keep it safe!

Other payments


Debit Card

A debit card is a plastic card that is linked to your checking account. It gives you access to the account to buy things.


Neosurf is a prepaid card that allows customers to make online purchases even without a credit card.


Neteller is owned by Paysafe Group and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the NJ.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are a sаfe and fаst payment method that is available from locations all around the world.


GiroPay is a payment option that is directly linked to your bank account.


Payeer is a multifunctional electronic tool for carrying out multiple financial tasks and payments.


What is Ethereum?

It’s a blockchain, or base, for the safekeeping of information. This information cannot be tampered with.

What is Ether?

Ether is the name of the cryptocurrency associated with Ethereum.

How long does transaction verification take with an Ether wallet?

Transaction processing times are mostly immediate. When network traffic is high, it may take up to fifteen minutes.